R.L. Drake 2-B Receiver with 2-BQ


Amateur Station
Picked up a Drake 2-B receiver with the 2-BQ for restoration. It will work on AM, but the widest passband setting is 3.6kc. That section will need to be rebuilt anyway and there might be a way to add a switch on the back of the receiver to widen it up. Maybe by adding a small relay inside of the box to switch capacitors, etc. This one is all original and has never been touched so it needs to be re-capped, etc. These are very high performing receivers, especially on SSB and CW. I will post updates as the project rolls along.


Picked up the 2-AC calibrator below for the 2-B receiver because it didn't have one. The good thing is the receiver has all of the crystals and now I have the final missing piece 😊


Here is the back of the receiver with the calibrator plugged in. The optional SO-239 connecter was never installed. You almost never find them without it.


Then the underneath side of the chassis below. I have to replace those leaky old white tubular paper caps first. There's only 5 of them plus the big FP can type for the power supply filter on top and then one more across the 6AQ5 audio tube cathode resistor.



Amateur Station
Finally replaced the necessary caps with the new yellow ones below. Powered the receiver up after and the HV is only +153V. Not to bad with today's higher line voltages. Anyway, the first part is done now so I can start working on it. I have to remove the passband tuning box, but that looks fairly easy believe it or not. The selector switch contacts on it are just too dirty so I need to pull the box to clean everything, plus tap in with a relay to change the capacitance for at least a 6kc wide setting for AM. Looks like it's 50kc wobbulator time.


Also replaced the main HV filter cap with one of the ready made ones below. It was just easier going that route.



Amateur Station
I also picked up a new universal Hammond 125ASE audio transformer and a 6X4 solid-state replacement below. The 125ASE is the correct transformer for the 6AQ5 tube. It's just a little larger than the stock one in there, but the stock one is too small and looks a bit overheated. Since the receiver HV is only +153V I may not use the 6X4 SS replacement. I was thinking if the voltage was high enough I would use it and then solder a 150V zener from the B+ line from a resistor to ground. I'll have to just plug it in and see how much higher the HV jumps up, but my guess is it may still be too low for use with a zener unless I go lower than +150V.